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Pursuant to Article 18, Paragraph (1), Item 19, of the Law on Inspection Supervision (“Official Gazette of the Republic of North Macedonia” No. 102/2019), the Council of Inspection Authorities: “acts upon complaints from individuals or legal entities related to the work of the inspectors, inspection authorities and/or inspection bodies”. In this context, any proposal or initiative for performing inspection supervision is considered as a complaint.

We would like to point out that pursuant to Article 2, Paragraph (2) of the Law on Inspection Supervision, the Council of Inspection Authorities has competence over the inspection authorities of the central level, but not to the inspection bodies of the local level. Therefore, if your complaint is related to the work of the municipal inspectors and the inspection bodies organized within the local self-government units, please submit it to the appropriate municipal administration.

Through this web service, we offer you the opportunity to submit your complaint online. Please provide us with correct and comprehensive answers when you answering the questions which will enable us to act upon your complaint in the fastest and most efficient way.

The Council of Inspection Authorities ensures full confidentiality of all information, and the data you submit will be used solely for the purposes of handling your complaint and for no other purpose, whatsoever.

The website is still under construction and to full functionality, complaints and suggestions can be submitted directly to the Inspection Council on st. “Dame Gruev” no. 3, block 2, restaurant 5 in Skopje.

The web portal is developed with the support of the EBRD Project "Support to Improve the Efficiency of Inspection Authorities in North Macedonia". The information published on this website does not reflect the views of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development nor the Government of Luxembourg.

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