Practical training

Calendar of Training

Dear candidates for inspectors, in order to plan your time, in this part of the website you can see the schedule for the practical work and on-the-job training, as provided by the Programs for practical work and on-the-job training for obtaining an inspector license. Here, the time schedule for realization of the content of the respective Programs of the inspection authority in which you are employed, the duration of the topics, the manner of their realization, etc. are presented in a clear manner.

Programs for practical work

In accordance with Article 42 of the Law on Inspection Supervision, you, dear candidates for inspectors, attend training for obtaining an inspector's license, which consists of two parts with a total duration of 12 months. Of that, three months of interactive training and nine months of practical work and on-the-job training. for the three-month interactive training is adopted by the Council and you can see it below, in order to get acquainted in time with the contents and topics that you need to master before taking the exam for obtaining a license for inspector. The programs for the nine-month internship and on-the-job training, under the supervision of a mentor, are adopted by the heads of the respective inspection authority.

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