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What are cookies?

Cookies (cookies) are small text files, which refer to your computer or mobile phone by the websites that visit you. If the text files can be read from the web pages that visit you and help identify you when you open them, you will open them on the page. Because text files can survive “permanent” or “temporary”. The persistent cookies (cookies) remain on your computer even when you turn off the browser (you will control the status quo), if you want to activate the browser, if you want to close it. Cookies (cookies) are used for many purposes, such as to get to know your activities and preferences and to display its navigation history.

Why did I use cookies (cookies)?

This website uses cookies (cookies) for the following reasons:

  • For technical use of a website;
  • For collecting aggregate and anonymous statistics;
  • To remember your preferences for how to display the page (preferences for screen parameters), such as color contrast or stock size;
  • To meet / sign, if you agree (or disagree) with the use of cookies (cookies) on this website.

When you visit our website, you may use some information from your search, such as an IP address, content that has been added to the website of the Agency you are visiting, when you have visited it and from which website you have tickets for redirection.

What kind of cookies (cookies) are used?

We use persistent cookies (cookies), which remember the search / whenever the user turns off the browser, in order to keep the user’s condition.

Can you delete or control cookies?

The information is related to cookies (cookies), you have not used for your personal identification. Acceptance of these cookies (cookies) is not required for the operation of the website, but if you want to make better use of the search. If you want these cookies (cookies), you can delete or block it, but if you have it, if you have it on the website, you do not have to work properly.

You can delete all the cookies (cookies) that are on your computer and you can split the rest of the browsers to prevent them. If you have this, you will have to manually adjust the recommendations every time you visit the website, and it is also possible that you do not work and have some services functional.

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